Service and pricing

Massage Lounge, studio for room rental of erotic massages, rents the premises to the self-employed masseuses, who pursue their activities voluntarily and are completely free in their performance and pricing. Nevertheless, the ladies have agreed approximate price limits up and down among themselves in order to maintain the level and certain price-performance ratios. Thus, the price does not differ from lady to lady or not significantly.

The prices listed below are indicative and consist of the room rental and the service of the masseuse. The masseuse collects her amount for the service and takes the room rent with her on a fiduciary basis. We will be happy to issue you an invoice for the amount of the room rental.

In accordance with the legal requirements, the independent masseuses determine the scope of the service offered and the final prices on their own responsibility.

Room 1 - 60 min 65€ / 90 min 90€ / 120 min 115€

Room 2 - 60 min 75€ / 90 min 100€ / 120 min 125€

Room 3 - 60 min 80€ / 90 min 95€ / 120 min 130€

Zimmer 4-60 min 100€ / 90 min 125€ / 120 min 150€

Massage Lounge presents the erotic images and the information about erotic services, which can be seen on the following pages, exclusively on behalf of, on behalf of and for the account of the ladies who perform these erotic services completely independently and for their own commercial presentation. The contractual partner for erotic services is always the lady of your choice. She is also the sole contact person in the event of a complaint. The service of Massage Lounge consists exclusively in the rental of the premises to the ladies and gentlemen. All paid services that you, dear guest, use in our rooms are the exclusive responsibility of the ladies.