Rules and mutual respect

How do you get the most pleasure from an erotic massage?

To make sure that everything is going as you imagined and you want to be 100% satisfied after the massage, you should follow the following rules:

  1. You should be at least 21 years old.
  2. You should NEVER make suggestions to a masseuse about sexual acts.
  3. Masseuses at Massage Lounge are careful to treat every person with respect and dignity.
  4. Each guest is treated with the same friendliness and openness without making any differences regarding age, appearance, origin and social status, etc.
  5. The guest gets the fullest attention during his entire stay in our massage studio.
  6. We assure you that the information given on the phone about the services of the masseuses and procedures always correspond to the truth.
  7. It is far from us to arouse interest in our studio by incorrect telephone information.
  8. Discretion, cleanliness and level are a matter of course for us in the Massage Lounge.

During the erotic massages, people find each other who have usually never met before. They are ready to trust each other and to allow touches and physical closeness like they will hardly do with other people. Precisely because the masseuses work in an area that requires a high degree of sensitivity from all participants and in which there is always a certain risk of crossing one's own or someone else's boundaries, they consider mutual respect to be the central basis of their work. It is in the nature of things that a certain intimacy is created during the massages. Emotions can easily arise under these circumstances. This, in turn, could lead to the desire to want to give something back in the form of a touch. Certainly there is a certain scope for tender-friendly touches such as a hand-holding, a hug or a gentle stroking. This kind of touch, as a rule, is tolerated. However, the personal limits of the masseuse must be observed at all times. A dismissive reaction is to be respected as such and a literal no is to be accepted immediately. Try to give yourself to the tender hands of your masseuse during the massage, and just enjoy the tingling – knowing that you don't have to do or give anything for once, but that you can just receive without a guilty conscience. However, a massage can only become a truly sensual experience for guests if they meet the hygiene requirements. The masseuses appreciate well-groomed clientele. That's why they really appreciate it if you take a deep shower before the massage. If you arrive here already freshly showered from home or from the hotel, at least hand washing is desired before the massage.

Note: The massages do not include sexual intercourse and oral sex.